Frequently asked Questions

  1. How quickly will my custom sign be shipped? We make every effort to ship your product(s) within three business days from receipt of your order. Orders placed on Saturdays and Sundays will be considered received on the following Monday and as such would be shipped by Thursday. Orders received on Tuesday would ship by Friday and so on. Since our printing operation is located in the Northeast, we operate in the Eastern Standard Time Zone. For example, an order is considered received on Monday if it is uploaded to us by 5:00 PM EST on Monday. If it comes in after 5:00 PM EST on Monday, it would be considered received on Tuesday.
  2. How long will it take for UPS to get me the product? For Non-Expedited shipping (UPS Ground), any New England customers will typically receive their product the day after we ship. For customers outside New England, the transit time will range from 2 to 6 business days. Please view our “shipping info” to check on your specific transit time. If you require the product sooner than UPS Ground shipping allows, there is also the option of selecting expedited UPS shipping options. When “Next Day Air” is selected, we will make every effort to expedite the production of your order as well.
  3. Can I order just one custom sign and why are they so inexpensive? Yes you can order just one! The advantage of you doing the design, entering the order yourself, paying for it immediately, not receiving a design proof other than what you approve on your monitor when placing the order, and not specifying Pantone Color Matches is that much of the typical upfront cost of processing a custom order has been either eliminated or essentially transferred to you the user of our website.
  4. Will I receive the same level of quality of product that I have come to expect from my current provider? Yes! For vinyl banners we print on scrim reinforced 13 ounce vinyl and offer an upgrade to 18 ounce if the banner is to be hung between two poles. In fact, since banners and flags are all we produce, you will likely see an actual increase in the quality of the product.
  5. I am happy with the service I have been receiving from the local Sign Shop that I have been using for banners and such. I feel a sense of loyalty to them and do not want to hurt their business. Why would I do this? We understand and appreciate the loyalty you feel towards them. This SignsIDesign technology is quite new and it is very likely that your current supplier is unfamiliar with our “affiliate program”. This program can result in you receiving the benefits of using the SignsIDesign website while also maintaining your relationship with the local Sign Shop. Essentially they will get a commission for the purchases you make on our site if you sign in using their unique user id and password. We recommend that you forward them a link to the SignsIDesign website and indicate your interest in them considering enrolling as an affiliate so that you may continue supporting them.  
  6. Will my banners come with hems and grommets? Yes. We sew our banners with two rows of stitching in all hems, using 69# thread which is intended for outdoor applications. We grommet all banners every 2 feet across the top & bottom for proper attachment (using #2 brass grommets).
  7. Can I upgrade my banner for non-standard applications? Yes. We offer upgrades such as using 18 oz opaque vinyl (when looking for two sided applications that cannot have image show-through from the backside), reinforcement webbing sewn in the hems (recommended for use when a banner is going to be subject to winds from both sides), Attachment “D-Rings in the four Corners” (recommended for added corner strength when banner is being hung between two poles), and pole pockets on top and or bottom.
  8. Do you guarantee your products? Yes. We warrant our workmanship and print quality for 90 days from product being shipped. However, since you create the design by using the software on our website and /or upload your own artwork and photos into our website, and since we do not review or monitor artwork for any type of errors in your design, you alone are responsible for the content of  the final printed design. As such, we do not warrant the print resolution of artwork or photographs that you upload into your design via our website.
  9. How can I be confident that images that I upload to the SignsIDesign website have reasonable print resolution?  The bottom line is that the bigger you wish the particular image to be on your printed sign, the greater the resolution (in pixels) that the image submitted must be. Keep in mind that the further away that a banner is viewed, the more pixilated an image can be. The closer an image is viewed from, the higher the required resolution.
  10. Can I upload images into designs created by me on your website? Yes. It is very easy to upload photos. However, the larger the image file, the longer it will take to upload your image.
  11. Is there any additional charge to use the “Clip Art” available on the SignsIDesign website? No.
  12. Is there any limit to or charge for the time I spend designing on your website? No. Feel free to spend as much time as you wish experimenting with the design features offered on this website. You can play with a particular design as much or as little as you like.
  13. If I like a design that I have created and order it, can I come back to your website at another time and pull up that same design to either reprint or use as a starting point for a new design? Yes. However, this is only true if you have signed in and established an account with us by setting up your unique “user id” and “password”. When you revisit our site you will need to log in at the design area of the website using your unique “user id” and “password”.
  14. Can I get help if I have questions regarding the use of your website? Yes. You can call us at 603-833-7474 Mon-Fri 9AM to 5PM, you can email us with questions, you can go to our “live” help in the “Support” section of our website, or you can click on the “?” above the design box for explanations regarding the use of design features.
  15. Your website refers to an “Affiliate Program”. Is this a program for which I qualify? Depends. This program is only available to customers that essentially sell the printed products to end users. Sign Shops, Graphic Professionals, Marketing Companies and other business’s that provide printed products to end users would be the most likely candidates for this program.
  16. How do I pay for the product(s) I order on your website? Typically you would opt for “PayPal”. Even if you do not have a “PayPal” account, you should go through “PayPal” and they will process your credit card. There is an option to submit your order without paying through “PayPal”, but we will not process your order until other payment arrangements have been made.
  17. I am always concerned that my credit card information could be compromised. What procedures do you have in place to assure me that it is safe to provide you my credit or debit card information?  This is the very reason we have you go through “PayPal” to pay for your order. “PayPal” is PCI compliant and therefore very secure. We at SignsIDesign are not privy to your payment information when you opt for “PayPal”. This is our preference.
  18. If I sign up for your “email newsletter” and I decide that I do not want it anymore, can I be removed from your email list? Yes. Just check the box on the latest newsletter and you will be removed.
  19. Will you give or sell my contact information to anyone else? We use an outside service to provide you this email communication. Obviously they need to have your email address to send you our newsletter. The contract we have with them prohibits them from providing anyone else your contact information. We at SignsIDesign will never provide anyone else your contact information.