At SignsIDesign we have developed a unique “Affiliate Program” through our association with Custom Banner ( which is only available to our “wholesale customers”. To qualify for “wholesale” you must be distributing the products designed on our site to an end user. These “wholesale affiliates” will receive their own unique user id & password. When they or their customers access our site using this unique id & password, we will keep track of these sales and ultimately remit a commission or apply a credit to their account with us. The commission level you receive will depend on whether or not you choose to link your website to SignsIDesign, as well as a few other factors. Commissions will apply to sales related to printed products only and not the related hardware and accessories or freight. This concept has being developed to give Graphics Professionals an ability to compete with the rapidly growing “online design” competition threatening a sizable portion of their business. The SignsIDesign “affiliate program” is unique in that it does not require the sizeable investment in both capital and human resource needed in other Design Online offerings.

How can the prices be so LOW?  The lower cost of product associated with the use of this website is the direct result of eliminating or transferring many of the typical wholesale printer costs essentially to you our customer. Examples of efficiencies accruing to SignsIDesign are: a. the option to request color matches is not available, b. the option to get a proof prior to production is not available, c. no design or file manipulation costs since you or your customer handle the design online, d. No order entry costs or errors since you or your customer enter the orders online, e. Reduced production labor costs and almost zero waste since we limit sizes so as to print and cut as efficiently as our equipment and raw materials allow, f. we get paid immediately so zero collection costs and g. Drastic reduction in Upfront Processing Labor due to the elimination of back & forth telephone calls/emails to discuss order particulars. The costs outlined above, particularly on a “one unit” order, are, when processed in the traditional “offline” manner, much more than the cost of the raw materials and production labor required to manufacture the product. As you can see, the cost savings created by you or your customer processing orders “online” benefits you directly in the form of much lower prices!

Can I use this website myself and/or send my customer to it? Basically, one of the options you have is use SignsIDesign yourself to lower your cost of product and either share the savings with your customer or not. The other option is to send your customer to the site by giving them your unique Log in id & password. They would purchase the product at the prices offered on the website and you would get your commission for this customer for the foreseeable future.

Why would my customer not just go direct to the SignsIDesign site? First, their price would be the same whether they used your id or not…meaning there is no price advantage to them. Second, you can upload their logos and other artwork onto your portion of the SignsIDesign site so that if they want access to these they would need to use your access. Third, we are going to encourage you to establish a link on your website to SignsIDesign which will make it easy for you to send certain customers.

What if I only have certain customers that I want to suggest this to? That is entirely up to you. Certainly this is not intended for every one of your customers. A typical customer whom you may want to consider is the one that wants a banner with full graphics that takes hours of back & forth of design and discussion for that $100 sale. This is a prime candidate. Another is someone looking for a custom flag or other product whom you currently turn away because you do not want to deal with the associated outsourcing hassle. Another example is when you are in your busy season and your customer is looking for a quick banner with a design that is very simple, maybe text only, you can process it yourself quickly at our site or send your customer with your access code.. Send them to SignsIDesign and get a commission. These are examples. I am confident you can think of others.

What if my customer tries to bypass me after they become familiar with SignsIDesign? Assuming you have sent them to SignsIDesign at least once using your access code, our software will recognize their company name & address and credit you with the sale. You will get your normal commission regardless. However, if you have never sent a particular customer to SignsIDesign using your access code, there will be no commission in the event they come to us on their own.

This will cost me “profit margin” by allowing you to determine both pricing to my customer and my commission. Why would I consider this?   If you are selective about whom you send to SignsIDesign and if you place value on your time and use it to grow your highest profit products and services, you will likely find that your bottom line will increase by sending certain business our way. In addition, you will likely turn away fewer inquiries, often during those busy seasons, which will be found money in your pocket. Even if these reasons do not entice you, think about your customers ultimately learning about these “online design” websites and deciding to give it a try to save money. Now they will be wondering if you have been treating them fairly “price wise” over the years. Technology is constantly changing the way we all do business. We are not trying to take your customers. We are not trying to take your margin. We are merely trying to keep us both viable in this changing marketplace.